Research and Development

We provide research and development support to the organizations at various stages of the product cycle. We help the companies not only in improving their current product SKUs but also assist in creating new product lines right from the ideation stage.

Biopolymer compounding and masterbatch

Increase in bio-based percentage in products

Green additives and renewable filles

Utilization of agricultural and industrial waste

Material Selection

Bio-based materials are produced from the natural environment and anticipated to be biodegradable after the end use. However, the idea of sustainability is not limited to resource component but also dependent upon energy consumption. For example, a material derived from natural sources may be biodegradable and seem to be environmentally benign but energy consumption during separation, recycle, and reuse can result in great environmental and health burdens and cause the process to be environmentally harmful. This requires a detailed study of evaluating the energy consumption during a composting process, transportation to composting site, as well as a synthesis route implemented for the targeted chemical production. Additionally, the impact on social life and feasibility of economics must also be accounted. Thus, taking into account the material source, the process of manufacturing, the supply chain, and finally the end-phase of the product, we provide expert guidance in selecting the right material.

Sustainable source of raw material

Environmental-benign manufacturing

Consideration of supply chain

No harmful waste at the end of life

Technical Support

We help companies who need technical guidance in material processing, product development, as well as testing and certifications.

Assist in prototype development

Facilitate Pilot-scale trials

Recommend appropriate standards

Analyze test reports

Help in getting the certifications

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